Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles, Platinum (Cheap Storage Cabinets Reviews)


For a normal household, clutter is probably one of the biggest concerns today.  It might be the garage tools the man in the house keeps forgetting to tuck away in an old shelf at the garage, the laundry stuff we have been meaning to keep for so long, or our children’s toys and school supplies we have to arrange every single day.  We all could very well use the extra storage room to clear the unending clutter and organize our homes.

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Utility cabinets are very useful home furniture that could be placed practically anywhere whether in the garage, laundry area, kitchen, and even our kids’ room.  The Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles, Cheap Storage Cabinets Platinum is a highly functional and spacious cabinet with adjustable shelves.  It can definitely cater all your storage space needs while remaining pleasing to the eye with simple but classic look that will undoubtedly fit nicely to your home.

Sterilite Cheap Storage Cabinets has been continuously producing all kinds of storage products for laundry, kitchen, food storage, and garage furnitures to make our lives easier and more organized for half a century now.  Being that long in the storage furniture business, you know that they are reliable and can be trusted or they would not have survived that long in the industry.

Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles, Platinum Features and Specifications

  • •    Measures 20.9 x 36.6 x 14.8 inches.

•    Weighs approximately 30 pounds.
•    Made up of durable plastic in a putty color and heavy duty construction for stability.

  • •    Color is light platinum with putty handles.

•    Includes rugged adjustable shelves that can be customized to your preferred height and can hold up to 40 pounds.
•    Easy to open doors that close securely and can accommodate the standard-sized padlock.

  • •    Assembly requirement time of about 15 minutes without any tools.

Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility  with Cheap Storage Cabinets Handles, Platinum Customer Reviews

A great storage cabinet does not need to be heavy but needs to be durable and should be able to blend in wherever you decide to place it.  The Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles, Platinum is simply a wonderful storage cabinet.
It is probably one of the best looking utility cabinets in the market today that gives you more storage space at a very reasonable price.  You do not even need a handyman to assemble it altogether.  No tools are also needed.  The instructions are simple and very easy to follow.

Here is what an actual Amazon customer had to say:

“I had a list of my requirements for the utility cabinet I need.  It has to be spacious, portable, and a wardrobe-like door.  Wooden cabinets are out of the question due to budget while most portable cabinets look flimsy and cheap with zip-covers.  Then I came around this one that fits my budget perfectly.  It came and I was able to assemble it within 20 minutes!  No lock was included so I made use of Velcro for the meantime since I’ll be putting it in the kitchen.  This is truly and excellent buy and I would definitely recommend to everyone.”


The neutral color of the Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles storage cabinets
6 Cabinets
, Platinum seems to add to its charm as most consumers want a utility cabinet that would not be an attention grabber.  Even mechanical engineers are amazed by the very well-thought design that does not include even a single fastener.  This is truly a clever buy for every household today.

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